Free-Them is an anti-human trafficking organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds to abolish global human trafficking (slavery). Free-Them is partnering and joining those who are already fighting human trafficking.  We do not want to re-invent the wheel, rather our heart is to come along side those who are fighting human trafficking to become a stronger army to fight one of the worlds greatest injustices. The Free-Them Initiative focuses on the 4 factors that we believe will help to free the slaves that are in bondage here in Canada and around the world. The 4 Factors Include: 1. Prevention -Awareness & Education: the first step to fighting human trafficking is becoming aware. Free-Them is involved in different awareness campaigns and events to raise this awareness. Free-Them also has speakers who go to different high schools, universities, rotary clubs, and organizations to educate on this issue. 2. Rescue and Rehabilitation: Supporting task operatives that rescue women and children; these women and children are then brought to a safe house to begin their journey of healing and restoration. Working with crisis councellors, over a period of time, these girls will begin training to learn new life skills that will help them as they ease their way back into normal life and job placements are provided. 3. Government Push: Raising our voices to our government representatives to challeng and push our governement to create new Bills to turn into legislation; Canada can do better to protect our women and chidlren from human trafficking in Canada & around the globe. 4. Law Enforcement: Training our local, provincial and federal officials to be able to identify and rescue human traffficking victims. Visit our website to learn more. http://www.freethem.ca