Mission & Vision

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“Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime on our planet, today there are more people in slavery than ever before in history. I leave an invitation and challenge with you today. I invite you to join the freedom movement, there is a momentum that is taking place in our world like never before in history because of the access to information via technology. History is already writing about us, and our generation’s response to the modern slave trade that is happening. I challenge you to not look the other way, you may just be the next William Wilberforce or Martin Luther King that our world needs. This is a major injustice, and requires a major amount of people to join the voice for freedom. Each of us have all the potential to rock this world, I invite you to join us to do just that. For Freedom Sake – Shae Invidiata, Founder”

MISSION We are small group of individuals who have come together to change the world and believe that together slavery-human trafficking can end in our lifetime. We educate students, organizations, faith communities business professionals and corporate groups on slavery that exists today in our country and around the world.  We believe that slavery can truly be abolished in our lifetime if we awaken citizens of the world to the dark secrets of human trafficking. We produce campaigns, and provide tools that people can use to combat slavery, and regularly host events to bring people together to become part of the solution. We do what we do for freedom sake. VISION Our vision is to see a world where freedom is not seen as a luxury by so many in our world, but experienced and granted to everyone.  We want to see a world where freedom and gender equality is achieved, and the life of a human being isn’t seen as a commodity that can be given a price tag. We that slavery – human trafficking – to be truly abolished in our lifetime. WHO WE ARE [free-them] is made up of fifteen crazy, incredible individuals who have this vision that slavery can be abolished in our life time. With over 100 volunteers who help and support [free-them] throughout the year. [free-them] is made up of people from all different ethnicity’s, genders, ages, faiths, talents, passions, interests and areas of expertise in the work force – and yet when you bring us together we unite to represent as one voice. A voice for freedom, a voice for justice and a voice for love that states people should never be bought and sold. We believe there are four main Freedom Factors that are necessary in order to see human trafficking abolished: #1. Prevention & Education #2. Rescue & Law Enforcement #3. Rehabilitation & Aftercare #4. Policy & Government Affairs Above all, we believe that you cannot fight that which you don’t know exists, which is why [free-them] focuses on education and raising preventative measure to combat human trafficking.

[free-them] Committee and volunteers setting up the night before the 4th Annual Freedom Walk

2013 FreedomWalk Photography by Randy Phipps-9

[free-them] Committee and volunteers with Member of Parliament Joy Smith

[free-them] Committee