By Emily Piccinin

Maiti Nepal and Aura Freedom are proud to announce an inspiring partnership in the fight to combat human trafficking. At Free-Them’s fifth annual Freedom Walk yesterday, we were incredibly lucky to have visionary Anuradha Koirala speak to hundreds of volunteers, participants, coordinators and honorable guests. Promoting a life that sees services to humankind as the best form of pious work, Anuradha spoke of her experiences with trafficked humans both in Canada and her home in India. She founded Maiti Nepal, a social organization run by committed journalists, teachers, and social workers, to protect Nepali women from crimes like domestic violence, child labour, sex trafficking, exploitation and torture. Due to her tireless efforts, Maiti Nepal now has three prevention homes, nine transit units, two hospices and a high school. She is an inspiration to all, but particularly to freedom fighters around the world. We are fighting the same fight and from nation to nation we work to see the same outcomes achieved: a world in which women and children are no longer susceptible to commercial sexual exploitation and immeasurable suffering.


Join us for An Evening with HUMANITY 2: Awareness Through the Arts, taking place at the CSI Annex Lounge  at 720 Bathurst Street on September 28 (today) at 7pm and listen to Anuradha Koirala tell her phenomenal story, along with fascinatingly empowering Aura Freedom founder, Marissa Kokkoros and deft human trafficking specialist at Toronto’s Covenant House, Michele Anderson.

The event will feature local Toronto artists exhibiting their creative flare live on-scene! Through live music and art, the artists will reflect their conceptual interpretations of modern slavery, freedom and gender equality, and you will experience firsthand. Special guests include Toronto chalk artists Anil N. Singh, henna artist Melanie Runghen and modern installation artists Marianna Sciortino and Leon Pierre, using Afro-Jazz for inspiration. It will be an event that will truly move you.