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Canada Passes Legislation to Protect Exploited Persons

Canada Passes Legislation to Protect Exploited Persons

After the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Canada’s prostitution laws were unconstitutional in December 2013, Canada’s Parliament was given 1 year to adopt a new model of legislation. After long and involved research including consulting survivors, those currently in prostitution, various organizations, legal professionals, justices and the public, the government proposed Bill C-36 –The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act. Read More

[free-them] Strikes a Blow Against Human Trafficking

[free-them] Strikes a Blow Against Human Trafficking

On September 27, 2014, anti-human trafficking organization, [free-them], had their 5th Annual Freedom Walk in Toronto and their Inaugural Freedom Walk in Ottawa presented by The Fairmont Royal York to raise money for victims of human trafficking in Canada. The result of months of planning and collaboration, the walks brought together hundreds of people from across Ontario and Southern Quebec, united in their passion to end human trafficking. Read More

An Evening of Art and Music and Celebrated speakers Today

An Evening of Art and Music and Celebrated speakers Today

By Emily Piccinin

Maiti Nepal and Aura Freedom are proud to announce an inspiring partnership in the fight to combat human trafficking. At Free-Them’s fifth annual Freedom Walk yesterday, we were incredibly lucky to have visionary Anuradha Koirala speak to hundreds of volunteers, participants, coordinators and honorable guests. Read More

5th Annual Freedom Walk Presented By The Fairmont Royal York Hotel

5th Annual Freedom Walk Presented By The Fairmont Royal York Hotel

September 1, 2014

Emily Piccinin

This year, on September 27th, marks the fifth time the Free-Them initiative will band in solidarity to raise awareness against human trafficking and slavery. Hundreds of volunteers and advocates for freedom will march around the downtown core of Toronto and Ottawa waving banners, chanting rhymes and causing a stir. The aim is to educate communities, businesses and the country at large about the issue of slavery in Canada. Read More

Think Sex Slavery Doesn’t Affect You? Think Again.
At What Cost: The Road to Anti-Human Trafficking is Paved With Good Intentions

At What Cost: The Road to Anti-Human Trafficking is Paved With Good Intentions

Reproduced from Rachel Lloyd’s blog at GEMS with the author’s permission.  You can check out Rachel Lloyd’s blog here.

Today I was humiliated. Publicly. It happened at an anti-trafficking event where I was presenting to over 100 law enforcement and I’d just finished a solid, engaging presentation that acknowledged the fact that I was survivor but that didn’t go into details about my ‘story’, concentrating instead on the issue itself, how far we’ve come and how far we still need to go. Read More

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Human Trafficking Through a Gender Lens

By: Maikeabe

On January 28, 2014, Halton Regional Police Officers arrested and charged two males, Jahmar Gayle and Michael Poku, with trafficking in persons and procuring a person to become a prostitute. This is the third human trafficking arrest in the Halton Region this year. Read More

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Open Letter to the Attorney General of Ontario

To the Attorney General of Ontario,

I have just received news that the Attorney General of Ontario has decided unilaterally not to prosecute charges under the bawdy house provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada. Read More

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Why We Do What We Do: 4th Annual Journey To Freedom Gala

By Carly Romano

On January 26, 2014, our front-line services partner, Walk With Me, held their 4th Annual Gala: Journey To Freedom. As this was my first time attending the Gala, I did not know what to expect. Navigating my way to Hamilton in gala attire in the midst of -20 degree weather using public transit was difficult to be sure, but it was worth it a thousand times over. Read More

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Sexual Assault Predator Arrested: Keele/Rogers

On November 25th the Toronto Police Service issued a news release stating that a twenty-two year old male, Andrew Medford, was arrested for sexual assault. Around 5am the day before, a woman answered her door to an inconspicuous knock when Medford forced himself into her Keele and Rogers apartment.  He attacked her by choking her and subsequently sexually assaulting her. Medford was arrested the same day on account of several charges, namely, aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon, threatening bodily harm, physical abuse through choking, and possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. Read More