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Canada’s Turn In the Spotlight: It All Boils Down to Safety

The world will be watching Canada as Parliament meets the December 2014 deadline to take a clear stance on the prostitution debate. Did criminalizing the actions of pimps and clients prevent prostitutes from being able to safely conduct their business?

Invidiata The Collection, a luxury real estate magazine, just launched their Spring 2014 edition and published a double page spread for [free-them]! Read More

Walk With Me Timea Nagy

Why We Do What We Do: 4th Annual Journey To Freedom Gala

By Carly Romano

On January 26, 2014, our front-line services partner, Walk With Me, held their 4th Annual Gala: Journey To Freedom. As this was my first time attending the Gala, I did not know what to expect. Navigating my way to Hamilton in gala attire in the midst of -20 degree weather using public transit was difficult to be sure, but it was worth it a thousand times over. Read More

Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Declaration

Revisiting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

As the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence  came to a close, its finalizing heralded a very special event on December 10th: International Human Rights Day. This year marks the 20th year of celebration for human rights activism. It is a day which implicitly calls upon all those who believe in equity and freedom, to gather and participate in the discourse it entices. Events will take place in cities across the globe to commemorate the Vienna Declaration and its eventual amelioration of human rights into an edict of law. Read More

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Sexual Assault Predator Arrested: Keele/Rogers

On November 25th the Toronto Police Service issued a news release stating that a twenty-two year old male, Andrew Medford, was arrested for sexual assault. Around 5am the day before, a woman answered her door to an inconspicuous knock when Medford forced himself into her Keele and Rogers apartment.  He attacked her by choking her and subsequently sexually assaulting her. Medford was arrested the same day on account of several charges, namely, aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon, threatening bodily harm, physical abuse through choking, and possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. Read More

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What’s the Supreme Court of Canada to do? Part 3 of Series on Prostitution

By Carly Romano

In my last post, I touched upon how the concept of choice divides feminists on the issue of prostitution. I introduced Becky (a woman given all the free-choice options available) and Shelley (a child given few, if any, of the options available to females in general). Read More

Modern Slavery: Hidden In Plain Sight

Modern Slavery: Hidden In Plain Sight

By: Emily Piccinin

London, UK. November 2013.

They had spent the majority of their lives in captivity. Now 69, 57 and 30, these three severely traumatized women were denied access to the outside world for such an unfathomable number of years, that once rescued they were unable to recall any contact with outside persons. Read More

Human Trafficking Web Forum hosted by Public Safety Canada

Human Trafficking Web Forum hosted by Public Safety Canada

Public Safety Canada will be hosting a Human Trafficking Web Forum on Thursday, November 21st, 2013 from 12:30pm-3:00pm (EST). This forum will focus primarily on providing the update on the implementation of the National Action Plan and Government efforts associated with it. It will also address questions related to the enforcement efforts and the contributions of the RCMP. Questions raised regarding the trafficking of Aboriginal peoples will also be addressed. Read More

Anti-Human Trafficking Training seminar Thunder Bay Windsor

Alliance Against Modern Slavery: Week-long Training Program

By: Emily Piccinin

This week in Thunder Bay and Windsor, Ontario front-line service providers, law enforcement, social workers, victim witness protection staff, legal clinics, community organizations, child welfare workers, teachers and nurses are undergoing a five-day intensive training program which educates about anti-human trafficking ideals and practices. Read More

UN Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime

Human Trafficking: Canada Is Not Immune

By: Emily Piccinin

Canada has spear-headed a training program which will enable front-line service providers to define human trafficking, understand what Canada’s response to this infuriating crime is, and most importantly, identify trafficked persons and have the information to provide said persons with services for aid and protection. It is the first of its kind in Canada. It has been made nationally available through a funding agreement between Public Safety Canada and the British Columbia Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons (OCTIP). Read More

Ride for Refuge

RIDE FOR REFUGE with the Joy Smith Foundation

What:  Ride for Refuge – supporting anti-trafficking of children and women

When:  Saturday October 5th, 2013

Where:  Fort Garry Evangelical Mennonite Church.  602 Pasadena Ave, Winnipeg, MB

Did you know that cycling could save your life and another person’s life too? Read More