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[free-them] designates February as a month to be a voice for freedom. Slavery was made illegal for the first time in history in 1833 through the Slavery Abolition Act, however abolition has never been obtained. There are more people in slavery today than ever before in history!! Human trafficking is slavery, and today there are 30 million people in slavery need our voice and efforts!  [free-them] February 28 Days to Love – 28 days to raise awareness and take action to combat human trafficking.

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Why February?

Why February?

Canada still doesn’t have a national month to raise awareness and educate on the issue of Human Trafficking.  In the United States, the month of January is their designated human trafficking awareness month. [free-them] wanted to keep in the momentum of the United States, so we thought it follows January and also follows Martin Luther King Day on January 17th, which is one of the world’s most representative voices on freedom and liberty.

February is Black History Month: The remembrance has its roots in 1926 by United States historian Carter G. Woodson as “Negro History Week”. Woodson chose the second week of February because it marked the birthdays of two Americans who greatly influenced the lives and social condition of African Americans: former President Abraham Lincoln and abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass. Woodson also founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, now the Association for the Study of African American Life and History.

We want to remember, honor and celebrate those in history who stood up for freedom and justice; such as William Wilberforce, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, President Abraham Lincoln, and many others. We want to celebrate the freedoms that we have; for some people that may be wearing a cross around their neck, for others that may be not wearing a hijab, for some its going out on a date with a guy/girl, for some it’s turning on the tap to have running clean water, for some it’s sitting at the front of a bus. We each wear our freedom different and we want to take February to remember the freedoms that we have, and yet to be a voice for the millions today who are without freedom!

AND…. it’s the LOVE month!!! Dr. Cornel West says, “Love is what justice looks like in public.”  In the month of February we want to offer you 28 things you can do to be love in public, to be a part of the solution!

Why Purple?

Why Purple?

Purple is the official colour of [free-them], and we designate “purple” as the colour for “freedom”. In ancient history, Tyrian purple was commonly known as “royal purple” a color that signified status and wealth, because of the scarcity to get the dye. Purple became a colour that royalty often wore to display their power and riches. It was a luxury to be able to wear purple and few people were able to do so. We believe that freedom is a basic human right that is to be extended to all of humanity, and yet millions of people today are deprived of freedom and regard freedom as a luxury to be had. Wear purple, because you have the freedom to do so – wear purple for those who are in slavery, wear purple to be the voice for their freedom. We must unite our voices together for freedom sake!

28 Days To Love


  1. WRITE [free-them] on your wrist
  2. TWEET learn a stat on human trafficking, tweet it and tag us @free_them
  3. JOIN [free-them] on facebook, and invite 5 friends to join us! facebook.com/freethemnow
  4. JOIN [free-them] on instagram @free_them_ and post an inspirational quote on freedom
  5. POST a stat on human trafficking to your facebook and tag us!
  6. ACCESSORIZE your day with purple, the official colour of [free-them] and send us your photos at contact@freethem.ca
  7. TEXT a friend about human trafficking & get them to forward the text and join the movement
  8. REMEMBER victims and survivors of trafficking abroad and right here in Canada. Jessie Foster is still missing. www.jessiefoster.ca Timea Nagy is a survivor of sex trafficking.
    www.walk-with-me.org. There are many others who are still missing, and others who have been rescued. Remember them today and share their stories. Be a voice for freedom and justice.
  9. GET an old shirt and be creative. Write your favorite quote about freedom on the t-shirt and send us your pictures! (If you’re pressed for ideas just write “I’m bringing FREEDOM back”) submit@freethem.ca
  10. WATCH Redlight, Greenlight – redlightgreenlightfilm.com
  11. SHARE a song/poem about what freedom means to you – send us the video for youtube
  12. TELL us what freedom means to you! Facebook.com/freethemnow OR submit@freetem.ca
  13. #FreedomToLove Remember those in your life that you love. Take time today to tell 5 people in your life that you love them without necessarily using words.
  14. LOVE Dia del Amor – Show someone you care and buy them some fair-trade chocolate.
    Learn about cocoa slavery in the world

    The average cost to free a slave is around $400, as the majority of slaves today are in countries where liberation costs the least. Liberation costs – not buying – include rehabilitation, counselling, job-training, education and establishing ex-slaves in economic autonomy and citizenship. With over 27 million people in slavery today the approximate cost of liberation is $10.8 billion, which seems like a lot, however, this is less than what Americans spend every year on Valentine’s Day.

  15. VOLUNTEER with an anti-trafficking organization | In the Toronto GTA area? Become a [free-them] volunteer. Email us Volunteer@freethem.ca
  16. Fitness for Cause -Boot Camp Charity Event – I LUV THIS BOOTCAMP
    In Oakville taking place at Kings Christian Collegiate
    Site to register is: http://www.iluvthis.ca/because
  17. WEAR [free-them] attire with your friends, take a photo and email It to us for our site submit@freethem.ca Don’t have [free-them] gear!?!? Make it!.
  18. DOWNLOAD the “free world app” at www.slaveryfootprint.com

    Event- Zumba for Hope-St. Mary Catholic Seconday School, located at 1918 Whites Rd. in Pickering.
    Tickets are$20 per person or raise more for the cause!!!
  19. TAKE a photo holding a sign that says “I am a [free-them] fighter” Send it to us and we will post them on our website. submit@freethem.ca
  20. PLAN a screening at your house, invite 10 friends to watch the film “Call+Response” www.calllandresponse.com
  21. STOP take some time today to educate yourself more on the issue of human trafficking, becoming aware is the first step to end human slavery. Freethem.ca “download” http://www.freethem.ca/#!__resources-and-downloads
  22. DONATE to our victim’s service projects in Ontario. Please make cheques payable to “Courage to Cope” and write [free-them] in the memo. Courage to Cope is a registered charity BN87064 1008 RR0001 and charity partner for [free-them]. Please mail all cheques to [FREE-THEM] 83 Reynolds Street | Oakville, ON | L6J 3K3
  23. GETyour youth group, high school, university involved, BOOK a speaker from [free-them] to come out to speak to your circle of influence and help your group to actively get involved on an ongoing basis.
  24. WRITE your MP, MPP, & our Prime Minister to tell them that Canada can do better for our woman and children in Canada www.freethem.ca
  25. CREATE a FREEDOM FEBRUARY video for youtube art.photography.dance.choreography.design.word
  26. CANADA Let the Canadian flag be your inspiration. Show us what the true north strong and FREE means to you. Sketch freedom out and make sure to include the Canadian flag (or your country’s) and submit it to us, you may have the chance to be on the next official free-them t-shirt
  27. JOIN our [free-them] mailing list to keep updated on human trafficking issues and events in Canada and around the globe! www.freethem.ca Under “Contact”
  28. HONOUR Learn about some great Freedom Fighters. Here are a few: Mary Prince, Martin Luther King, Timea Nagy, Somaly Mam, Harriet Tubman, William Wilberforce, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Gustavus Vassa, alias Olaudah Equiano the African, Hannah More, Emmanuel Jal, Ferederick Douglass, Moctar Teyeb, and Francis Bok. Once you’ve learned something about them tell us what you think . Its amazing how one person can change the world.