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Where to start?

Hm…For the last 4 years I have been rewarded with more awards I can think of, for my work with victims of Human Trafficking, both Internationally and Nationally. (I felt incredibly honored every time)
I have spoken publicly, I am the to-go person for the Media when they need a “victim” to share her story and I become the “face of human trafficking” in Canada. I have often been invited to the Parliament to support Anti Trafficking Bills, we have been invited to various Task Force meetings, both Federal and Provincial. The agency that I have founded has seen and dealt with probably the most victims in Ontario if not Canada. We are now assisting over 36 Law Enforcement Agencies and receive about 3-5 calls a day regarding a possibly new victim. We are a 24/7 Mobile Victim Care Agency. That means that we cover 7 days…

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