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Part 2: Alan Young Likens Prostitutes To Meat

Part 2: Alan Young Likens Prostitutes To Meat

By Carly Romano

In my previous post, I presented Alan Young’s opinion on prostitution as advertised by Canadian Lawyer Magazine. As you can see, Young’s comments provide a lot of insight into his prostitution challenge. Read More

Think Sex Slavery Doesn’t Affect You? Think Again.
Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Declaration

Revisiting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

As the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence  came to a close, its finalizing heralded a very special event on December 10th: International Human Rights Day. This year marks the 20th year of celebration for human rights activism. It is a day which implicitly calls upon all those who believe in equity and freedom, to gather and participate in the discourse it entices. Events will take place in cities across the globe to commemorate the Vienna Declaration and its eventual amelioration of human rights into an edict of law. Read More

forced marriage

Forced Marriages = Human Trafficking

By: Carly Romano

I recently read an article in the Metro newspaper about Canadian forced marriages that left me feeling conflicted. On one hand, I was pleased to see that this issue is getting a lot of recent media attention for the human rights abuse that it is. On the other, I am concerned that the media has missed a very important point in not labelling forced marriages for what they are: human trafficking. Read More