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Canada Passes Legislation to Protect Exploited Persons

Canada Passes Legislation to Protect Exploited Persons

After the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Canada’s prostitution laws were unconstitutional in December 2013, Canada’s Parliament was given 1 year to adopt a new model of legislation. After long and involved research including consulting survivors, those currently in prostitution, various organizations, legal professionals, justices and the public, the government proposed Bill C-36 –The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act. Read More

An Evening of Art and Music and Celebrated speakers Today

An Evening of Art and Music and Celebrated speakers Today

By Emily Piccinin

Maiti Nepal and Aura Freedom are proud to announce an inspiring partnership in the fight to combat human trafficking. At Free-Them’s fifth annual Freedom Walk yesterday, we were incredibly lucky to have visionary Anuradha Koirala speak to hundreds of volunteers, participants, coordinators and honorable guests. Read More

Think Sex Slavery Doesn’t Affect You? Think Again.
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Human Trafficking Through a Gender Lens

By: Maikeabe

On January 28, 2014, Halton Regional Police Officers arrested and charged two males, Jahmar Gayle and Michael Poku, with trafficking in persons and procuring a person to become a prostitute. This is the third human trafficking arrest in the Halton Region this year. Read More

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Open Letter to the Attorney General of Ontario

To the Attorney General of Ontario,

I have just received news that the Attorney General of Ontario has decided unilaterally not to prosecute charges under the bawdy house provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada. Read More

Human Trafficking Web Forum hosted by Public Safety Canada

Human Trafficking Web Forum hosted by Public Safety Canada

Public Safety Canada will be hosting a Human Trafficking Web Forum on Thursday, November 21st, 2013 from 12:30pm-3:00pm (EST). This forum will focus primarily on providing the update on the implementation of the National Action Plan and Government efforts associated with it. It will also address questions related to the enforcement efforts and the contributions of the RCMP. Questions raised regarding the trafficking of Aboriginal peoples will also be addressed. Read More

NL Government Withholds HT Report from Public
Anti-Human Trafficking Training seminar Thunder Bay Windsor

Alliance Against Modern Slavery: Week-long Training Program

By: Emily Piccinin

This week in Thunder Bay and Windsor, Ontario front-line service providers, law enforcement, social workers, victim witness protection staff, legal clinics, community organizations, child welfare workers, teachers and nurses are undergoing a five-day intensive training program which educates about anti-human trafficking ideals and practices. Read More

UN Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime

Human Trafficking: Canada Is Not Immune

By: Emily Piccinin

Canada has spear-headed a training program which will enable front-line service providers to define human trafficking, understand what Canada’s response to this infuriating crime is, and most importantly, identify trafficked persons and have the information to provide said persons with services for aid and protection. It is the first of its kind in Canada. It has been made nationally available through a funding agreement between Public Safety Canada and the British Columbia Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons (OCTIP). Read More

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